3 Reasons To Sell Your Home In The Fall

Why is fall a great time to sell your Knoxville home? It’s simple. The autumn months create three basic reasons for making it an optimum time to sell:


Why is fall a great time to sell your Knoxville home? It’s simple. The autumn months create three basic reasons for making it an optimum time to sell:

  1. Less Competition– Since summer is peak season for real estate you will be able to capitalize on having less competition. In fact, right now in Knoxville there are less than 1,200 homes on the market under $400k, which may seem like a lot until you start zeroing in on specific zip codes. For example, 37922 currently only has about 100 homes on the market, and 37934 has 68! Even more incredible, 37919 has about 63 homes for sale. During the summer these numbers were more than doubled. Capitalize on the lack of inventory by listing your home in the fall. And, real estate agents in the area have actually been asking for people to consider selling since there is such a lack of options in and around the Knoxville area. When inventory is so low two things happen:  It becomes a definite seller’s market. Buyer’s take less time debating writing an offer due to fear of loss. When fewer homes sit on the market for shorter periods of time it creates a sense of urgency for the buyer. The fear that, “If I don’t act now I could lose it.” This is an ideal situation for sellers because that normally equals fewer showings and a quicker list to close timeline. 
  2. Pressure to Move Before The Holidays– Most people do not want to be packing, moving or preparing their home for a showing during the holidays. This means there is an increased pressure to buy a home and move in before the holidays. Most families dream of having those picture book dinners around the family table, what better way to celebrate the new year than in a new home! Because of this heightened pressure, people are anxious to find their dream home and close before Thanksgiving. Furthermore, families are more likely to opt for quicker days to close and focus less on negotiating price. 
  3. Motivated Buyers- People who are house hunting now are serious buyers. Either they have been looking for something for a while and are even more anxious to find their new home, or they are feeling that holiday and seasonal pressure to be in their new home. Again, people don’t choose to move during the cold winter months, so if they are shopping now- they are anxious and serious about making the leap into home ownership or the purchase of a new home. 

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