A letter from the Director of Marketing

Pull out all the clichés. I’m buying it, practice what you preach, actions speak louder than words, do what you love… when it comes to Tiffany Dorn and her team, they’re not clichés, it’s truth.

July_CoverTwo years ago I met Tiffany when my husband and I were relocated to Knoxville. I knew nothing and no one and found Tiffany on Zillow. I called her over any other Knoxville Realtor® because she had stellar review after stellar review, with people singing her praises and showering her with accolades. I was hoping that she was half as sweet as she looked in her picture. My hope came true and then some. My husband and I were blown away by her responsiveness, knowledge and general love for her role in truly helping people find “the one.”

Fast forward two years, I am now working for the Dorns as their Director of Marketing. I took the job for one reason – I wanted to help people find the right Realtor®. I believed in what Tiffany stood for and what she wanted to accomplish. I’m buying it. Before Tiffany, I had so many experiences with agents who simply collected commissions. I was just a number in their quest to move more property. Business is business of course, but Tiffany goes above and Tiffany-Dorn-Associates-200x300beyond to help create meaningful, lasting relationships with her clients. Case in point – here I am helping represent the brand. Not only do I help represent her, but I market her and what she stands for, because I truly believe in Tiffany and her product. At the end of the day I honestly believe her actions speak louder than words.

Over the past two years I have personally witnessed Tiffany and Mark do things that speak volumes about their character. They give back not because they need extra publicity, but because they truly want to help the community. They don’t do it for accolades or acknowledgement. In fact, we have participated in numerous charitable events where not only did they decline to slap the brand and name on their charitable giving, but they specifically asked not to be credited. True and honest giving for the sake of giving, not the sake of attention. When I sat down with Mark to discuss my role within the company we spoke at length about the Homes for Heroes program, where Tiffany and her team give a portion of their commission to the foundation and the hero as a way of saying thank you for their service. Tiffany wanted to be involved in the program because she believed in it – she felt these local heroes deserved it. To me, this speaks volumes. I was a teacher, my husband is a veteran, and I appreciate the fact that someone would so selflessly give back for our efforts.

In an industry where there are so many choices, I personally feel that people need to know there is a difference in agents and you can have an amazing experience when you buy and sell real estate. It doesn’t have to be stressful or aggravating. You can find someone who truly has your best interests in mind and who tdgreal-estate-sign-soldwill go to bat for you regardless of price. I want people to know that there are agents in Knoxville who take their job seriously and love what they do simply because they love helping people. They love seeing the excitement on the face of the new homeowner. They take pride in helping people with one of the most important purchases or sales of their life. They get joy out of seeing the joy in others. Last week one of our agents texted the whole team to share the excitement he felt when he helped a family find their new home. The family had gone through a lot. Our agent shared the fact that the mother cried speaking about how excited she was to watch her children have a home, to have a pool and a place to create happy memories. Her joy was truly a highlight in our day. It makes it all worth it. It’s because of these moments that we can truly say we love what we do.

Choosing a Realtor® is an important decision. It’s not something to take lightly. They will help you spend a lot of money, something you’ll be paying for each month for the next 30 years! You therefore want to make sure that whoever has that task is someone you can trust. Thinking about buying in Knoxville? Looking to sell? We’d love to talk. Call today to be matched with an agent who will work for you to ensure you have the best real estate experience possible.

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