Design Trends and Hot Styles for 2018

So house trends, like anything, can be fleeting.  Somethings we think have serious staying power, while others seem to be a passing fad.

So what are some safe design bets, where can you take some risk and what should you stay away from?

We always talk about the kitchen being the heart of the home. That is one thing that probably will not change anytime soon, if ever. So the kitchen can also be the most important space to design. The white kitchen has been a definite trend for almost a decade now, with more and more people looking to the sleek, clean spa-like pallet. However, a few weeks into the new year we heard mumbles and murmurs of colorful cabinets being the biggest design trend for 2018. What we found to be true in the Knoxville real estate market though, and what West Coast stylists were declaring on Instagram didn’t necessarily sync up. Although buyers in Knoxville liked the idea of a colorful kitchen the same sentiment was declared over and over, “Will I tire of blue cabinets?” And, our thoughts were confirmed with the march issue of Southern Living- the west coast might be loving the playful blues, green and beyond but Knoxville is still craving the clean, white kitchen.

Furthermore, one distinct design trend we are seeing is the want and need for a big pantry. In fact, more and more buyers are adding this to the “must-have” list. Echoing this finding is again, Southern Living’s article about the trends for this year- the big pantry that doubles as a work prep area is increasingly more important. Why though? Mainly because families are looking for ways to keep their kitchens clean and tidy.

The idea of playing with paint doesn’t just stay in the kitchen; gone are the days of builder beige. Now families are playing with deep, saturated greens and bright pops of blue. The three trending shades for not only paint but also furnishings is blush, deep green and blue. Paint is an area where we feel you can afford to take some risks. Unlike your cabinets or structural designs, paint is relatively easy to change and typically doesn’t break the bank. But, if you’re not ready to apply a new coat on the walls, adorn your door with a fresh pop of paint. In fact, according to Zillow, houses with blue doors tend to sell faster and for more money.

Wall coverings are a big interior design trend, and although we aren’t sold on the idea, it can be done to add a tasteful point of interest. 

The other room in the home that is climbing the “must have” list is the laundry room. Not only are our stagers helping sellers make this area of the home more inviting, we are hearing the same statements from buyers, “how is the laundry room?” This is one area we recommend you spend a little more time on, clean it up and make it seem fresh and inviting. People should want to do laundry, ha!

Since the housing market is hot in East Tennessee and there continues to be a serious lack of inventory, some of these items may not be a huge factor in how quickly your home sells, but it doesn’t hurt to do some research and planning before you jump on any design trends.

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