Lakes and Mountains? Yes Please!


According to Zillow 37922, the Northshore/Concord area, is a seller’s market and “very hot” right now. In fact, home values in this zip code are expected to rise 3.6% next year which is .5% higher than the Knoxville average. But why is 37922 so desirable? Oh how the list goes on and on… 

Water, water, water! The Northshore area features amazing access to Fort Loudon Lake and beautiful mountain views. Fort Loudon is an extremely popular East Tennessee recreation destination, known for great fishing, boating and breathtaking views. 

An SEC football fan? Like to boat? 37922 is a perfect match. Board your boat at Concord Marina  and leisurely make your way downtown right outside of Neyland Stadium, home to

neyland1the Tennessee Volunteers football team (and even some NFL exhibition games). Be part of the Vol Navy and indulge in a truly unique tailgating Vol-Navy1-1024x685experience for any football fan by sitting in a boat on the Tennessee River with views of the Gay Street Bridge and the Smoky Mountains! Just be sure to wear your orange and white checkerboard. Go Vols! 

The Concord area also features some amazing waterfront parks and greenways. Whether  you enjoy a nice walk along a sandy bank, hiking a serene mountain trail, skateboarding or taking your children to a playground, Concord Parks have it all. In fact, there is even an unleashed dog park that spans over four acres, complete with both paved and unpaved Concord1walking trails, a dock with access to the river and dog showers! Tennis courts and baseball fields are also close by. You can rent kayaks, canoes and stand-up-paddle boards at The Cove at Concord Park. Feeling adventurous? Try stand-up-paddle board yoga, “take away your yoga mat and replace it with a stand up paddle board. This emerging and very popular activity challenges your balance and is just plain fun! No SUP or yoga experience necessary.” 

Highest Great Schools ratings? That’s right. 37922 and 37934 boost the highest school scores based on Great Schools Ratings for public schools and all receive a 9 or 10. 

Thinking about moving to 37922? Though this zip code represents one of the largest in the Knoxville area, there are currently only about 400 homes on the market. Such limited inventory speaks volumes about how desirable owning a home with this zip code can be. Not many people want to move. And why should they? There is so much to offer! 

Have a home in 37922 and ready to sell? We know the area well, and have a ton of buyers anxiously waiting for new homes to hit the market. Or looking for your dream home in Knoxville? We’d love to talk to you about all this wonderful, and one-of-a-kind, area has to offer. Let’s talk! Call us today.  

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