When you care this much, it shows! Meet Tiffany Dorn…

“To me, real estate is about so much more than just buying and selling houses. It’s about striving every day to help people improve their lives and achieve everything they want from home ownership. I take that responsibility very seriously and I simply love what I do!” – Tiffany Dorn

Tiffany Dorn Realtor Knoxville EK 2015 Front PorchCare.
For being an intangible element, it certainly is obvious when it’s present. You can sense it, and when channeled in the right direction, it turns the ordinary into extraordinary. Anyone who knows Tiffany Dorn will tell you that “caring” has been one of her defining traits throughout her entire life. And those who know Tiffany’s story understand exactly where her compassionate approach originated.

Taking Responsibility.
Tiffany was an only child, and her parents had divorced when she was young. When she was 11 years old, her mother was diagnosed with Lupus. Although most 11-year-olds wouldn’t be expected to step up and take responsibility, that’s exactly what Tiffany did. Her mother was bed ridden for two years, and in that time, Tiffany took care of all the household chores – cooking, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, preparing the bills and much more. What’s more, she never complained or lamented her situation. She simply did what was needed of her from a place of genuine care. After two years, her mom went into remission and was able to continue living her life unassisted. Looking back, Tiffany realizes those experiences shaped her personality in a big way. It instilled in her a strong sense of responsibility that endures to this day, and perhaps even more profoundly, it demonstrated to her how fulfilling it feels to be there for others and to lend a helping hand in a time of need.

At the Core is Care. Dornfam
It’s not overstating the matter to say that Tiffany’s genuine care is at the core of everything she does. Never the type to simply go through the motions, Tiffany invests herself fully and devotes all of her effort and energy into any endeavor she pursues. She’s also very driven and goal oriented. Whether she was competing on her college basketball team or raising her two kids with her husband, Mark, Tiffany’s every action comes from a place of genuine care. And nowhere is that more apparent than in her real estate career. For starters, Tiffany views her role as so much more than simply helping people buy or sell houses. To her, every client’s move is an extremely personal investment, both financially and emotionally. That’s why Tiffany operates from such a caring place. She views every transaction she conducts as an opportunity to help her clients improve their lives. She’s especially proud to be the Knoxville area’s exclusive representative in the Homes for Heroes program, giving a portion of her earnings back to those who serve the greater good.

Genuine Care. Outstanding Results.
When you work with Tiffany, her care shows in the way she keeps you informed and also through the superior service she and her expert team provide. That care also shows in the results she’ll achieve. And last but not least, her care shows in the multitude of referrals and repeat clients she receives. When the time comes for your next move, discover for yourself how Tiffany’s Genuine Care is creating Outstanding Results. Call her today to schedule a private consultation to discuss your real estate goals.


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